Many Women; Different Walks

Many Women; Different Walks

Many Women; Different WalksMany Women; Different WalksMany Women; Different Walks

About Me

Shawnette M. Davis also known as The Resuscitator is the visionary and CEO of Women From All Walks of Life, a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization.  The organization 

empowers women from all walks of life helping women to know their self-worth while they journey through life, struggling to overcome obstacles.

Shawnette who originates from Saginaw, Michigan has committed & made it her life’s mission to globally empower women. She has earned multiple degrees and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in biblical counseling.  She is a mother of one son, a motivatinal speaker and influencer. She is also the author of "Behind The Mask" and upcoming release "Little Girl Arise." Although she is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) she chooses not to be employed in a hospital setting and utilizes her knowledge and skills to bring treatment and healing to those around her. The world is her hospital.

God began dealing with Minister Davis a few years ago, revealing to her that even though she was not in a hospital setting, she is a “resuscitator” for the Kingdom of God. Being a “resuscitator” for the Kingdom of God means that His people will be revived, One Compression, One Heartbeat at a time with love & the help of the Holy Spirit. This is where our journey and revival begins.

Behind The Mask Video

 Many people are suffering in silence without anyone knowing. Many smile on the outside yet are dying on the inside. Many are wearing  masks that are suffocating them while gasping for air. Some are suffering from depression while others are battling  with thoughts of suicide. Are you wearing a mask?  There is help, Someone love you. So don't give up. Hold on. Now is the time for a revival! Now its time to be healed. There is life from Behind The Mask. There is hope.

Little Girl Arise Video

 Childhood tragedies have happened in the lives of many women. The little girl has been misused & innocence taken and violated.  Molestation, rape, abuse, bullied, neglected, depressed and whatever else may have caused you to become hidden within. You may wonder as an adult why the anger or why am I so  lonesome, why can't I forgive? It may be because the Little Girl needs to heal. In order for it to heal it has to be revealed. It's time for the Little Girl to Arise!! 

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To Provide a safe haven for women to address life issues in a judge free zone, while helping  overcome life issues & empowering them

"Reviving people One Heartbeat, One Compression at a time with Love & the help of the Holy Spirit"

~The Resuscitator~

Women From All Walks Of Life- WFAWL

P.O. Box 14932 Saginaw, Michigan 48601, United States

(989) 213-1032

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Your support and contributions will enable us to continually hold conferences, & monthly meetings to empower women globally while meeting our goals and helping women  to overcome life struggles and issues . Your generous donation will fund our mission for Many Women; Different Walks


This orginzation is 501c3 Tax exempt

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